A quick guide to the shopping centre in the centre of Hounslow, in Oxfordshire.

Hollingbury is a great place to shop, even though you may have planned to spend all your time in one of the large high street stores. It has wonderful shopping facilities, with a good selection of shops selling everything from food to clothes to gifts. One of the most popular places to shop in Holland is the Regent Arcade, which has over 40 shops within it. Many of the shops also have cafes behind them and themed pagodas on the outside. The Arcades are a series of 10 small arcades that you can visit, and they all have a medieval theme.

Art fans will want to make sure that they visit the Van Gogh Museum. You can see the famous paintings in the museum, see some of them in the studio, and listen to talks about the paintings. Other art fans will want to visit the BCM Gallery. It is a place that piles up artist all year round. If you only visit here on Friday, you’ll be able to see the opening of the exhibits on Friday afternoon. If you visit on a Sunday, you’ll be able to see the rotunda that houses the gallery on Sunday afternoon, and it is free.

Historical Science Centre is the next venue up on the shopping list if you are interested in science. This centre is dedicated to science, which includes displays of antique computers alongside Victorian magnitude engines. You’ll also find time machines and time crosses.

Finally, if you are a boat fan, why not go to Burghley Castle? Burghley Castle is the castle in the county of York that was family owned by the Earliest Earl of York. It has a railway in the garden, where you can take a ride on a miniature steam train. You can also take a ferry to the park, where there are English-style picnic spots as well as an information desk.

If you want shopping, then there are three local shopping centres: The Friary (incorporating Corshampton and Humberstone), The Acadia (in the parklands andICO’s anticipated arrival in the future) and the Crown Exchange. All of these places are within a 15 minute walk from each other. About 20 minutes away from the city centre, you’ll find the village of Bisshead, which is well worth a visit.

As for nightlife, there are a number of theatres in the area, as well as a jazz and indie club called The Indoor. Most of these go on until about 10pm, so you may need to be back early to make sure you get in before the main event starts. For those who just want to drink, there are plenty of bars, most of which serve cocktails and beers. There are also numerous restaurants all around the area.

Pretoria is a beautiful place to visit and to stay. If you visit during the month of October, you may be able to take in the festivities to celebrate the Victorian anniversary of the contest. The Hornby Island Ferry is also in great demand, as many tourists head out to the island to take in the sunset. Bookings are advised!